How to Talk to a Teen Who is Watching ‘13 Reasons Why’

If we know a child in center propagandize or high school, it’s roughly certain they have listened of a Netflix array “13 Reasons Why.”

There’s also a unequivocally good possibility that teen is examination a renouned 13-episode play about a high propagandize lady who kills herself.

The uncover has been criticized by a array of self-murder impediment groups that contend it glamourizes teen suicide.

However, those concerned in a array and those who support it contend a array is bringing issues such as bullying and amicable media contrition to light, as good as initiating conversations on a subject of life and death.

Dr. Christine Moutier, a self-murder impediment consultant interviewed by Healthline, did demonstrate some concerns about teenagers identifying with a array and a categorical character.

However, she concluded that “13 Reasons Why” provides a forum to plead self-murder with teens.

“We all have a purpose to play. In a proceed this is an opportunity,” pronounced Moutier, a arch medical officer for a American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

The large questions are: What’s a best proceed to proceed a teen? And what should we do when we speak to them?

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What a uncover is about

The categorical impression in “13 Reasons Why” is 17-year-old Hannah Baker.

She has usually changed to a Northern California city and is new to her high school.

The array opens with students anguish a self-murder of Hannah.


Shortly afterward, one of Hannah’s classmates, Clay Jensen, receives a box of audio cassette tapes.

As a array unfolds, it’s suggested Hannah available a tapes shortly before her death. There are 13 segments, any one blaming one of her classmates, Clay included, for pulling her toward suicide.

Each of a 13 classmates gets a tapes during opposite times and tries to keep a essence secret. Clay wants to make them public, many to a discomfit of those who have already listened to a tapes.


The uncover frequently bounces from benefaction day to past, so Hannah is shown in many of a scenes.

One of a flashbacks is a striking stage where Hannah cuts her wrists to kill herself.

Hannah is a strong-willed personality, though during her months during her new propagandize she has difficulty creation friends, is bullied by a array of classmates, and is broke several times on amicable media.

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Praise and criticism

The show’s creators have shielded a array for truthfully and forcefully depicting teen self-murder and a aftereffects.

They have combined a 29-minute documentary, “13 Reasons Why: Beyond a Reasons,” in that a expel members and others plead a messages they wish “13 Reasons Why” will get across.

“We wanted to do it in a proceed where it was honest, and we wanted to make something that can hopefully assistance people since self-murder should never, ever be an option,” singer Selena Gomez, who co-produced a series, says in a documentary.

Co-producer Brian Yorkey pronounced a show’s creators worked tough to make certain a array wasn’t gratuitous. They also wanted to expostulate home a point.

“We did wish it to be unpleasant to watch since we wanted it to be really transparent that there is nothing, in any way, inestimable about suicide,” Yorkey says in a documentary.

Actor Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin in a series, told a Hollywood Reporter a uncover does not worship teen suicide. In fact, he said, he and other expel members have listened from fans who pronounced a array saved their lives.

The show’s supporters do get some subsidy from some mental health experts.

Child clergyman Janet Taylor told ABC News that a uncover addresses critical issues.

“We have to mangle a silence, speak to a parents, speak to counselors,” she said. “If we have a family story of mental illness, be wakeful of it, speak to your children. If your child creates a hazard about wanting to mistreat themselves, take it seriously.”

A “13 Reasons Why” Facebook page has also been combined where people examination a uncover trade comments about a episodes.

The attention, however, does worry experts in a self-murder impediment field.

They note that self-murder is a second heading means of death for people ages 15 to 34 in a United States.

Dan Reidenberg, PhD, a executive executive of Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE), told ABC News a array could do “more mistreat than good.”

“There is a good regard that we have … that immature people are going to over-identify with Hannah in a series, and we indeed competence see some-more suicides as a outcome of this radio series,” he said.

Reidenberg combined a array doesn’t benefaction any viable alternatives to self-murder or plead issues such as basin or mental illness.

“The proceed things are portrayed in a media does have an outcome on a proceed suicides can happen,” he said. “This is quite loyal for immature people that are really exposed and during risk of suicide.”

The array has stirred SAVE and The Jed Foundation to emanate a webpage called “13 Reasons Why Talking Points.”

Among other things, a site tells teenagers there are “healthy ways to cope” with a issues highlighted in a Netflix array though “acting on suicidal thoughts is not one of them.”

It adds that “suicide is never a drastic or regretful act” and “suicide is never a error of survivors of self-murder loss.”

“When we die,” a articulate points state, “you do not get to make a film or speak to people anymore.”

It urges teenagers who have watched a array and “feel like they need support” to strech out to a family member, a friend, a counselor, or a therapist.

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Talking to teens

Moutier shares some of a concerns of those who have criticized a Netflix show.

She told Healthline she worries a array is so “engaging” that it competence send a wrong summary to some immature viewers.

“The standing of self-murder can get towering in situations like this,” she said.

However, Moutier pronounced a show’s recognition does benefaction an event for relatives and other family members, as good as teachers, counselors, and family friends to speak to teenagers about suicide.

She recommends starting with an “open-ended conversation” with a teen.

Ask them initial how they’re doing and what’s on their mind.

From there, Moutier says to listen for clues in what a teen is saying. They’re doubtful to contend undisguised that they are considering suicide, though they competence tell we life is difficult, or they are underneath an implausible volume of stress.

“Follow a cues a immature chairman is giving you,” Moutier said.

She adds that adults should not “overreact” to anything a teen says. Rather, follow adult with them in a nonjudgmental way.

“Teens need to have adults who can hoop it,” she said.

If we do collect adult signals that regard you, assume we are a usually one a teen is articulate to about these issues.

They competence be stealing these emotions from others.

“Kids are good during display usually a tools they wish we to see,” Moutier said.

She combined if a teen seems to be harboring any kind of suicidal thoughts, we should warning that child’s parents.

The teen competence not have talked to their parents, or a relatives competence be too tighten to a conditions to see a warning signs.

You can also advise a teen speak to a mental health professional.

Overall, listen and don’t omit even what competence seem to be teenager issues.

“You have to lift a attraction on your radar,” Moutier said.

Moutier’s classification has combined online apparatus kits for schools for both suicide prevention and how to help students after a suicide.

The emanate isn’t expected to go divided soon.

“13 Reasons Why” is a uncover teenagers are articulate about, and now Netflix is reportedly in discussions to furnish a second season.