Prince’s Former Drummer Keeps His Heart Healthy

In September, Bobby Z. bid an romantic farewell to his former bandmate Prince.

His reverence was delivered inside First Avenue, a mythological Minneapolis nightclub where a dual musicians achieved in a 1984 film “Purple Rain.”

Two months later, Bobby came all too tighten to apropos a theme of a commemorative unison himself.

Six years after pang his initial heart attack, a maestro musician suffered another when a coronary stent in his artery became dislodged.

“This time, we was propitious to commend a [heart attack] symptoms,” pronounced Bobby, who was drummer for Prince and The Revolution, that disbanded in 1986. “If we hadn’t been stabilized, it substantially would have killed me. This could have been a large one.”

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Rhythms of a heart

For improved and worse, Bobby has turn roughly as good capable in heart conflict symptoms as he is in drum rhythms.

In 2010, after experiencing serious pain sharpened yet his elbows, he suffered his initial heart attack, a outcome of exceedingly blocked arteries.

After carrying 3 stents extrinsic and fast a prolonged liberation process, Bobby became an American Heart Association (AHA) volunteer.

heart attack

He also launched his possess heart-health recognition charity, My Purple Heart, a turn on a pretension of a Prince strain and a “Purple Rain” movie.

After his initial heart attack, Bobby reformed Prince’s aged band, The Revolution, to support My Purple Heart with “Benefit 2 Celebrate Life” concerts in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Although a Purple One didn’t perform during those shows, he was “supportive on each level,” Bobby said.

“Prince was a initial one to call my mother when we was in a hospital. He was a good believer of my liberation and speedy me to do a My Purple Heart shows. He gave us a blessing to use The Revolution name and do a shows underneath a AHA flag,” he said.


Then unexpected final April, Prince was gone. 

The 57-year-old low-pitched colonize died during his Minneapolis home of an random overdose of a opiod painkiller fentanyl.

It was an mocking finale given Prince was one of a few stone stars who publicly disavowed all drugs and alcohol.

“To see a difference ‘Prince Dead’ on radio was positively unfathomable,” Bobby said. “I suspicion he’d be 99 years old, sitting on a stool, ripping on guitar. we never, ever dreamed he would go during such a immature age. It’s a surpassing detriment to a world. He was a vital tellurian poser who would literally perform low-pitched sorcery in front of your face.”

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Recognizing a signs

Last Nov – only dual months after a Revolution reunited to compensate reverence to their late bandleader – Bobby began experiencing amiable poison reflux during a child’s birthday celebration during a friend’s house.

That night, a reflux worsened.

“I instinctively took (nitroglycerin) and an aspirin and knew we had to get to a hospital,” he said.

His instincts were spot-on: Nausea, queasiness and digestive conditions such as poison reflux can be warning signs of heart trouble.

Thanks to his intrinsic actions, Bobby was already during a sanatorium when he suffered a heart attack.

Today, he credits cardiologist Dr. Steven Heifetz and a staff of Fairview Southdale Hospital in suburban Minneapolis for saving his life.

“We suspicion all was great, and afterwards a heart conflict came out of nowhere,” pronounced Vicki Rivkin, Bobby’s wife. “Bobby takes his health unequivocally severely and he got to that sanatorium unequivocally quickly. It’s critical to be safe, don’t hesitate, and call 911 right away.”

Today, after a medicine to insert a newer-model stent, Bobby is doing fine, and he monitors his cholesterol religiously.

“In 2011, we suspicion we was good-to-go for life. But it’s an elaborating enlightenment in your heart. You’re never unequivocally out of a woods,” he said.

“I have unequivocally realistic cholesterol and it seems a plumbing can still get clogged. My summary now is that cholesterol numbers that are normal for normal people have to be most reduce for people with a heart conflict history.”

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A healthy lifestyle

Bobby maintains a heart-healthy diet, doesn’t splash alcohol, and exercises several times a week during his internal gym.

“The realistic existence of motivating yourself to practice is a pivotal to survival, a pivotal to carrying a drugs work and carrying all upsurge a approach it should,” he said.

“My other summary is that if we skip your practice for a week or a month, we shouldn’t retaliate yourself mentally. You only have to get behind on it and not kick yourself adult about it.”

While he continues to get stronger, Bobby is solemnly resuming his low-pitched career.

He’s formulation a array of Apr concerts by The Revolution during Celebration 2017, a four-day eventuality in Minneapolis imprinting a initial anniversary of Prince’s death.

He’s also plotting another AHA “Benefit 2 Celebrate Life” unison for early 2018 before Super Bowl LII, that will be played during U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

“We’re holding it slow. We’re still lamentation and we’re still in a unequivocally fragile, bizarre universe though Prince,” Bobby said.

“But as Prince said, song is like medicine to people. There’s this outrageous hole, though when we play ‘Purple Rain’ live, we see a demeanour on people’s faces, and we see it unequivocally helps. They’ll never get over (his loss), though during slightest a song helps them understanding with it.”

The original story was published on American Heart Association News.