Brooks Just Released a Shoe to Help You Run Faster—and I’m Obsessed With It

Attention, runners! Brooks Running only forsaken a totally new silhouette.

Ideal for neutral cement pounders, a Levitate ($150; or is designed to be “responsive and stretch to supplement additional lift to your stride,” assisting we run faster. And according to a folks over during Brooks, this shoe was built on 7 years of research. In other words, they did their due diligence.

I’ve been wear-testing a Levitate for about 6 weeks now, and we can overtly contend that I’m in adore with it—but it wasn’t love during initial run. My initial greeting was that it was cute, and I favourite a colourful aqua paint (they’re also available in silver). The shiny detail along a side of a midsole, that we eventually schooled serves a purpose (more on that later), is cool-looking too. This shoe also gets vital points for a knitted upper, that hugs a feet though being restrictive, and the plush collar that offers additional cushioning around a ankle. Plus, it has lifestyle appeal, so we wouldn’t hesitate to stone it around town.


After my initial run, a six-miler by a streets of New York City and opposite a Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn, we suspicion a Levitate was only OK. we wasn’t thrilled with a shoe, though we also didn’t hate it.

Luckily, we motionless to give them another shot. The some-more miles we logged, a some-more these boots won me over—and I beheld it was a shorter, faster runs where they really shone. Each set of push-the-pace miles had me feeling like we was Simone Biles propelling off of a springboard right before a vault. (OK, that competence be an exaggeration, though we locate my drift.)

Which brings be behind to that china side frame we mentioned earlier. we schooled it acts like a gatekeeper for all that stretch appetite generated in each step. “It’s a thermoplastic sheet, and as a froth or enamel tries to waste or disperse, a piece binds it in so it doesn’t lose as most energy,” explains Carson Caprara, Global Director of Footwear Product Line Management for Brooks Running. “It’s like a application sleeve; it prevents some of a vibrations and prevents appetite detriment and pushes it right back.” In other words, if we wish a feel-fast curtain that thrusts you forward, this is your shoe.

The bottom line? I have grown really lustful of my Levitates. In fact, we can’t wait to pointer adult for a 5K or 4-mile race to see how they—OK, and I—perform. I’m meditative all that Levitate appetite return, interconnected with my possess adrenaline from toeing a start line, will really outcome in a PR. One caveat: For now, I’ll haven them for distances shorter than a 10K; anything longer, and they only don’t seem to have a same oomph, during slightest for me.