See Kate Upton Crush Her ‘Leg Day’ Workout While Watching Her Fiancé’s Baseball Game

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Kate Upton is a master multitasker.

The model, 25, managed to fit in a “leg day” workout while still being a understanding wife-to-be to her fiancé, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, as he played a Texas Rangers on Wednesday. Upton common a video of her examination — in a vital room — as Verlander pitched to a 12-2 win.

“When we and @kateupton wanna watch @justinverlander pitch though it’s leg day,” Upton’s trainer, Ben Bruno, posted on Instagram, that she regrammed.

#Repost @benbrunotraining ・・・ When we and @kateupton wanna watch @justinverlander representation though it’s leg day.

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Upton uses a KBOX appurtenance in a video to replicate the deadlift movement though a barbell. Barry’s Bootcamp Miami Beach tutor Patrick Frost, who does not train Upton though has worked with Karlie Kloss, Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhaal and others, says a KBOX is a elementary approach to get limit insurgency by a movement.

“This machine’s categorical concentration is individualist overload, that has been shown to boost speed, strength and mass quicker [than a barbell would], while also being damage preventive,” Frost tells PEOPLE.

Still operative off that solidified yogurt🍦 #playingforthetie @benbrunotraining

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He adds that a insurgency rope Upton has around her reduce thighs is expected to boost her glutes as she performs a lift, and to make certain that she’s regulating her muscles properly.

For anyone anticipating to replicate the deadlift movement themselves, Frost suggests regulating a barbell or dumbbells, and following a dash of a machine. Because a KBOX has a insurgency to move a weight behind down, he advises counting out 1 to 2 while going up, and afterwards a slower 3 to 6 count on a approach down.

To safeguard scold form, Frost says to concentration on a “soft hook in a knees, and to expostulate your hips behind with a neutral spine.”

“Before we lift, consider about pulling a belligerent divided from we as against to lifting towards a sky,” he adds. “You wish to hide your feet into a belligerent and have a prepared and engaged bottom before we lift, so your ‘bar path’ stays inline.”