Dr. Reddy’s Voluntarily Recalls More Than 13,000 Bottles of Hypertension Drug

Dissolution tests are conducted to check a time it takes for a active partial in a drug to release into a body, and assistance envision how a drug performs inside a body.

According to a Food and Drug Administration  (FDA), a remember of Dr. Reddy’s metoprolol succinate extended recover tablets, USP 25 mg. 100-count bottle, is a Class II recall. This means use of or bearing to a removed products might means proxy or medically reversible inauspicious health consequences. 

Metoprolol succinate extended recover is a reduction costly general form of AstraZeneca’s Toprol XL.

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This remember comes on a heels of Wockhardt Ltd.’s remember of 109,744 bottles of a same drug final month for a same reason. Both companies’ recalls were personal by a FDA as Class II.

In March, Dr. Reddy’s removed about 58,656 bottles of a heartburn drug lansoprazole in a U.S. since of a microbial contamination.

Dr. Reddy’s began to willingly remember metoprolol succinate on May 23, 2014; a remember was posted on a FDA website on Jun 19, 2014.

An FDA orator told Healthline, “The new Wockhardt and Dr. Reddy’s metoprolol succinate recalls are eccentric removed events that a companies are willingly addressing. These don’t simulate a whole product lines, though a specific lots identified in any remember event. These recalls are a outcome of slight tests that code and general companies perform as partial of their peculiarity management.”

The FDA orator added, “This is a Class II recall, that means that it is during a pharmacy level, so patients can still take a product; however, if they are endangered they can pronounce with a alloy for recommendation and option.”

Healthline contacted a Dr. Reddy’s orator in India, who pronounced a association has put a visual movement devise in place.

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