In Defense Of Wearing Makeup to a Gym

When we was in high school, my sworn enemies were a runners who showed adult to my cross-country meets with kaleidoscopic ribbons woven in their hair, cat-lined eyes, and shine on their cheeks. Those were a runners we had to beat. Why get all dolled up? We were there to compete—not demeanour pretty. It gathering me, with my rough ponytail and makeup-free face, totally mad.

But once we got to college, where we continued to race, all that changed. After finding a sorcery of a hair straightener, we solemnly came around to doing my hair before my meets. And if we was going to all that trouble, because not brush on a small waterproof mascara, and cover adult dim circles, and a few acne spots, too?

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When we looked in a counterpart before my runs we felt prepared and confident. In fact, we ran some of my best races with makeup. And while we don’t consider makeup has special spell powers or that there’s anything wrong with going without, we always consider of this when people ridicule women wearing a full face of makeup in a weight room or on a treadmill. we mean, if it creates we feel good, who cares?

Turns out professional athletes—including U.S. inhabitant soccer group member and universe champion Sydney Leroux —agree with me.

“Some people are opposite [wearing makeup], we am not,” pronounced Leroux, when we spoke with her during a new Neutrogena sunscreen event. “We have this thing on a team, a few of a makeup-wearing girls: ‘Look good, play good, we know, feel good,’ and we consider that that’s such a cold thing.”

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“If we go to they gym, and you’re like, ‘You know what, we feel good right now!’ You’re going to work harder, you’re going to pull further,” she added. “I consider that makeup is a approach to demonstrate yourself only like tattoos, or however. It’s an art to me, and we adore that.”

And discordant to renouned belief, it’s not a given that wearing makeup to persperate will mutilate your skin. “The problem with substructure is if we persperate it can burden your pores,” says New York-based derm Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules. “But a small concealer and mascara won’t hurt.”

Currently, I’m training for a Chicago marathon, and while we don’t wear a ton of makeup on my prolonged runs, we devise on giving my eyelashes a twist on competition day. Goodness knows I’ll be sleepy when we arrive during Millennium Park during 6 a.m. And if we feel like we wish mascara, too, we won’t consider twice about it.

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