We Tried It: A Seriously Intense Workout with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

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What Is It: TruFusion’s 60-minute “Tru Barefoot Bootcamp” tests your mobility, continuation and resilience by a multiple of yoga, Pilates, kettle bells and other transformation drills in a room that reaches a feverishness index of 120 degrees.

Who Tried It: Melody Chiu, PEOPLE Staff Editor

Level of Difficulty: 8/10

It’s tough to contend what we hatred some-more — feverishness or cardio. Luckily for me, TruFusion’s bootcamp combines both into one class. But when you’re offering a possibility to work out with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, a.k.a a king and black of fitness, we don’t contend no.

When we walked into a TruFusion gym in Las Vegas final month, we was astounded during how willing of an sourroundings it is. The space is clean, splendid and unequivocally mouth-watering and totally helped ease my nerves a bit before class. A-Rod told me he’s a hygiene weird (so am I), and that’s partial of since he fell in adore with a gym and motionless to turn a vital financier in a chain.

The initial thing we notice when we step into a examination studio is unequivocally a gloomy heat. Aside from Rodriguez, Lopez and her dancers done adult many of a category that day, and it was a small intimidating to be station subsequent to these longtime athletes with rock-hard abs and toned arms who take a category several times a week. But as crazy as it sounds, we almost forgot we was operative out with these superstars once a category kicked off since we was carrying so many fun. Let’s be real, though. we couldn’t assistance yet hide a integrate peeks during J.Lo, who never had a hair out of place and was lustrous like a goddess. A-Rod, though, struggled a bit some-more by a category and it was a small calming to see one of a world’s biggest athletes pant and smoke subsequent to me!

Our instructor Martin had a best appetite and speedy everybody to take things during their possess pace. One of a things we desired many was that there was no visualisation or foe in a class. we can hardly run a mile though feeling like we only ran a marathon and I’m one of a slightest concurrent people we know, yet even we had a sum blast overhanging my hips to a song and throwing some sandbags around.

It was unequivocally severe and we had to lie a integrate times and take a few breaks, yet we powered by … and only when we was feeling gloomy and like we could no longer go on, it was over!

Verdict: we never suspicion we would make it by a exhilarated class, many reduction suffer it. But TruFusion’s foot stay unequivocally stands out from other examination classes I’ve taken, and a appetite from a staff, instructors and the members is so infectious. They’re expanding shortly to Los Angeles, Miami and New York, and we can’t wait to try out their other classes and get only a teeny bit closer to achieving J.Lo’s famous figure.