Chrissy Metz Wishes People Would Stop Asking If She’s Getting Weight-Loss Surgery: ‘I’m Good’

The singer says her favorite physique partial is her calves.

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Dear Dr. Google: Chrissy Metz does not need your opinion on her weight.

The This Is Us star says that a one doubt she wishes people would stop seeking her is if she’s going to get weight detriment surgery.

“Some people do feel like they’re my doctors, and they have attempted to diagnose me on a internets,” Metz tells Today. “So that’s … that’s weird. Cause like, I’m good. I’m good, boo. But thanks. But I’m good [laughs].”

Metz, who plays Kate Pearson, a lady struggling with her size, on a strike show, recently explained that she is contractually obligated to remove weight for a role, though she doesn’t have a idea she has to hit.

And Metz is happier with her physique than Pearson. The singer says her favorite physique part is her calves.“People are like, ‘Enough. Don’t do anymore calf raises.’ But we don’t!” she says. “But I’ve come to adore them and realize, like, they lift my physique around. And we could substantially flog some ass.”

Metz’s assured opinion extends to clothing, and she says her character heroes “are anyone who wears what they wish to wear, when they wish to wear it, to where they wish to wear it to.”

Metz also talked to Today about her favorite emoji (all of a hearts) and her favorite squeeze of late (Josie Maran’s Argan Oil).

“You can use it for your legs and all your skin parts,” she explains. “And it’s delicious.”

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