The Flat-Belly Workouts Celebrities Swear By for Sexy, Sculpted Abs

Try it: Halle Berry’s Ab Workout

The singer might be in her 50s, though you’d never theory judging by her rock-hard core. To carve her abs, Berry relies on one ultra-effective pierce called The Rocky. “It targets all of your abs—mid, low, and obliques—to widen your core, with pleasing definition,” her trainer Nat Bardonnet told Health in a prior interview.

To do this move, start by lying face adult on a bench, hands retaining it, with legs together and lifted to 90 degrees so feet are adult towards a ceiling. (No bench? Stretch out on a floor, anchoring yourself by holding on to a plain square of furniture.) Use core strength to lift your boundary off a bench. Slowly reduce your butt down, followed by legs, bringing them to about a 30-degree angle. Be certain to keep your reduce behind pulpy resolutely into a bench. Raise legs up, returning to start, to finish one rep.