This Look-Better-Naked Workout From Tracy Anderson Will Give You Serious Body Confidence

The pivotal to feeling extraordinary but a tack on? Being gentle in your frame. This slimming array does only that, upping your mind-body connection, removing we relocating some-more dynamically, and fostering courage (like all exercise!). Do 30 reps of any pierce in a array on one side, afterwards repeat a method on a other side. Don’t forget your 30 to 60 mins of cardio 6 times a week.

Tracy’s wearing: Aqua Classic Strappy Bralette ($18;, Ultracor leopard-print leggings ($185; for similar), Nike Air Max Thea SE Metallic sneakers ($115; for similar).


1. Step Coupé to Single-Leg Plank

Stand with right leg somewhat in front of left. Bend knees, reaching left palm to floor, right palm resting on hip. Lift left foot, rotating leg somewhat so middle reduce leg is tucked behind right leg ( A). Step left feet back, followed by right, to come into a lumber ( B). Lift right leg, opening it out on a erratic ( C). Step feet behind in and arise to lapse to “A.”


2. Wide Stretch to Jazz Split

Start in a station straddle; reduce torso, fixation left forearm and right palm on building (A). Keeping left forearm on floor, hook left knee to kneeling, entrance onto left hip as we extend right leg true out (B). Continue rolling over, carrying right leg to other side until right toes are touching floor. Place right palm down and lift hips, entrance onto left toes as we extend left arm adult (C). Sit down and hurl behind to start; repeat.


3. Sit Back Lift Extend

Start seated with knees focussed and feet prosaic on floor. Bend right leg in front of we and left leg behind you. Walk hands brazen and reduce down, entrance onto right forearm and left palm (A). Pressing into right forearm and left palm, lift adult onto right knee as we extend and lift left leg out to a side; lift left arm true adult (B). Lower behind to “A” and repeat.


4. Kneeling Swing-Around Arabesque

Start kneeling; lift left knee adult so left leg forms a tip partial of a triangle, with left palm on waist and right arm extended on a erratic toward knee (A). Lower to left knee, fixation right forearm and left palm on building as we extend right leg adult and behind (B). Return right knee to floor, afterwards lift left knee to lapse to “A.”


5. Crossed Split Side Plank and Lift

Start in a lumber with legs wide; pitch left leg counterclockwise, rotating torso as we lift left arm adult (A). Rotate behind to far-reaching lumber and come down to left knee as we brush right leg adult so middle thigh is together to building (B). Return to start and repeat.


Pin a full examination for later: