Tracy Anderson’s Top 5 Belly Fat-Blasting Exercises

Not a fan of that small gush above your jeans? These 5 moves from Tracy Anderson are certain to organisation and squash your stomach in no time. Not usually are they easy to learn, they also can be finished flattering most anywhere, from a building of your vital room to your hotel room. Follow along with this video to get a step-by-step beam to any fat-burning exercise.

The initial move, a arabesque sous sous, gives a elementary plank an upgrade. Start with one forearm and same-side knee on a ground. Your conflicting palm should be on a belligerent too, a few inches apart. Lift your other leg in a air, afterwards daub it on a building behind you. Bring your resting leg adult to cranky over your initial leg to do a core-tightening lumber variation. To finish a move, lapse to starting position. Anderson recommends doing 30 reps of this practice on any side.

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The subsequent pierce is another lumber sous sous, though this one facilities a step-through move. After channel your legs, recover them and step one leg conflicting your physique into a lifted side lumber position.

For pierce 3, a hydrant side flog and toe daub combination, you’ll column yourself adult on one knee and arm, kicking your conflicting leg in a atmosphere and afterwards touching it behind behind we to finish one rep. This pierce not usually works for core, though also fires adult your glutes and middle thigh muscles.

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Next, you’ll do an open erratic lumber extend to a side. Start on one knee and extend your other leg around and behind, fixation it on a floor, afterwards fluctuating your resting leg back. After a extension, rest on your knee again and flog a initial leg out to other conflicting side. Repeat 30 times on any side to feel a burn.

To finish off your anti–muffin tip workout, do a flexed swing. In a downward dog position, rest on one elbow, gripping your other palm planted on a ground. Lift yone leg into a air, afterwards solemnly pierce it down, obscure your planted leg onto a knee while concurrently drumming a toes of any feet together. That’s one rep. This pierce requires enchanting your core to lift your physique adult and down, so you’ll really feel (and see!) results.