Don’t Use Cucumbers for ‘Vagina Facials,’ Experts Say

Dr. Jen Gunter, an OB-GYN and pain medicine physician, has done it her goal to plead on her blog what she considers foolish stories about women’s reproductive health.

Last month, she addressed YouTube videos that she pronounced erroneously and dangerously explain that inserting a peeled cucumber inside a woman’s vagina will purify it.

“Apparently some women are bark cucumbers, inserting them vaginally, and afterwards rambling them around for adult to 20 mins to modernise or purify or flush or something,” Gunter wrote. “This wasn’t some uncanny Facebook thing one chairman did once. we Googled ‘cucumber vagina cleanse’ (God assistance me, we did) and WAS HORRIFIED.”

Gunter called a thought that vaginas are “dirty” and need to be cleansed “misogyny dressed adult as medical and we am carrying zero of it. Vaginas are not dirty.”

‘A self-cleaning oven’

A woman’s reproductive complement is done adult of many companion parts, as Our Bodies, Ourselves explains.

Externally there’s a vulva, including mons pubis, that is lonesome with pubic hair.

There’s also a clitoris underneath a clitoral hood, a middle and outdoor lips, and a opening for a urethra, where urination occurs.

The inner partial of a vulva is called a vagina, or a birth canal.

Toward a behind of a birth waterway is a cervix, that is a commencement of a uterus.

Although we competence rinse a extraneous of a vulva while we are bathing, as we would any other extraneous partial of a body, a interior of a vagina should not be cleaned, experts say.

“One of [the vagina’s] best facilities is it’s like a self-cleaning oven,” Dr. Angela Jones, a board-certified OB-GYN in New Jersey, told Healthline.

Jones warns her patients that products claiming to purify a vagina don’t indeed work and in fact competence dissapoint a pH change — or a volume of good germ — in a vagina.

“You don’t need to use douches and all this other crap that’s on a market,” she said. “Whether it’s soaps, douches, lotions, potions, and elixirs, it’s unequivocally a rubbish of money.”

Bringing in bacteria

And that “crap” includes cucumbers, that not usually won’t purify a vagina, though indeed competence deliver bad germ and successive infection.

“Using a unfeeling internally puts a chairman during risk of creation a conditions worse — and many women don’t have a cryptic conditions to start with,” wrote Carol Queen, PhD, staff sexologist for Good Vibrations, a women-founded sex store, in an email to Healthline.

In her blog post addressing a YouTube videos, Gunter forked out that cucumbers and a dirt in that they grow are plentiful with microorganisms. That includes presumably fungi.

“No, a small rinse in a kitchen penetrate isn’t going to emasculate a cucumber,” Gunter wrote.

Jones remarkable that there could be snippet amounts of poisons on a cucumber as well.

“Just rinsing a cucumber off doesn’t do a pursuit in regards to ridding it of all a germs, pesticides, insecticides, etcetera, that are on a cucumber,” she said.

Not all that can be extrinsic into a vagina, of course, is dangerous.

Speculums are sterilized before they enter a vagina and both masculine and womanlike condoms are prepackaged to forestall contamination.

Additionally, sex toys like dildos or vibrators are “made from materials that aren’t going to deliver infection into your body,” Jones noted.

And sex toys, of course, should be spotless regularly.

Fighting infection

Cucumbers competence feel “refreshing” in a beauty facade — though there’s zero they do to assistance your vagina or vulva if there are health issues.

In that case, a lady needs to revisit her OB-GYN and find out either she has a leavening infection, an STD, bacterial vaginosis, or something else entirely, and get instructions on how to provide it.

What’s many critical to a health of a vagina is prevention.

The vulva and vagina “have their possess habitat” and itchiness occurs when a change is upset, explained Jones.

“Don’t give yourself an sourroundings down there that’s gainful to infection, like leavening infections,” she said.

Jones warned opposite wearing parsimonious clothes, generally ones that aren’t done from breathable fabrics.

She suggested stealing examination garments and underwear immediately after exercise, so as not to trap a sweat.

She also endorsed going commando during bedtime and “letting your partner breathe during night.”

In further to gripping vegetables out of a vagina, Jones warned women who are perplexing to piquancy things adult in a bedroom to keep food products in a fridge.

She disheartened “all a additional things during sex… like syrups. You know, people use a lot of dishes during sex. Yeast loves sugar.”

‘Misinformed, offered a product, or both’

Education about a vagina and how it works is essential to gripping it healthy.

As Gunter wrote on her blog, “Vaginas are a good self-contained ecosystem and do not need any additional support from vaginal vegetables to stay healthy. Anyone who tells we differently is misinformed, offered a product, or both.”

All a experts who spoke to Healthline underscored that division from anything other than what’s endorsed by a medical veteran mostly does a vagina some-more mistreat than good.

“Women who consider there’s something wrong with their ideally healthy genitals need improved information, not a new approach to change a partial of their physique that is not in need of change,” wrote Queen.