This New Adidas Video Busts a Stereotypes About Female Athletes Wide Open

There is zero some-more inspiring than a badass womanlike athlete. And Adidas’ latest debate is chockfull of them.

Titled Fearless AF, a just-released one-minute mark dispels tired stereotypes about women in sports, including a thought that female runners are not tough, fast, strong, determined, or rival enough. As a masculine announcer’s voice regularly lists all the ways women who compete are supposedly subpar, a shade flashes images of womanlike athletes doing their thing and just station around looking cold and confident.

With its heartbeat-like credentials drumming, a ad feels like a rallying cry, seeking viewers to puncture low and find their inner champion—and be fearless.

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“Fearless AF means feeling a fear and doing it anyway,” Robin Arzon, a lawyer-turned-ultramarathoner who is featured in a ad, tells Health. It’s about “leaning into a believe that you’ve survived 100% of your misfortune days and a village of women is entertaining we on,” she adds.

Along with Arzon, a video facilities 5 other Adidas athletes and ambassadors—supermodel Karlie Kloss; Katherine Switzer, a initial lady to strictly run a Boston marathon; Mary Keitany, three-time leader and fortifying New York City Marathon women’s champion; owner of Girls Run NYC Jessie Zapo; and Jen Rhines, a three-time Olympian. Each represents a defining impression trait: boss, fearless, determined, bold, creative, and fierce.

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These 6 women are running this year’s TSC New York City Marathon on Sunday. (Talk about #squadgoals!) The blurb also pays loyalty to OG marathoner Switzer, with images of her being pounded mid-race in 1967 by a Boston Marathon competition executive during a time, as good as shots of competition bibs temperament her number falling into a frame.

We brave we to watch this 60 seconds of awesomeness and not be desirous to edging adult those kicks and strike a pavement for during slightest a mile or two.