Here’s How Instagram Fitness Star Katie Dunlop Finally Quit Yo-Yo Dieting—and Totally Transformed Her Body

Take a quick corkscrew down Katie Dunlop’s Instagram page, and you’d substantially assume that the super-toned personal tutor has always been #fitgoals. Dunlop, who has over 220,000 supporters on a amicable platform, founded the YouTube channel Love Sweat Fitness and has authored mixed e-books about fitness, weight loss, and healthful dish planning. But Dunlop tells Health that her lifestyle wasn’t always so healthy: She used to yo-yo diet in an bid to strew pounds, and her hypothyroidism done her feel like she’d never grasp her health goals.

“I had been traffic with weight insecurities for years, substantially given center school,” Dunlop says. “I was always hyper-focused on distance and my weight and what we was eating.”

She frequently incited to breakthrough diets and smart practice programs (“There was a lot of Tai Bo in my life!”), though could never hang with a routine. “I’d do dual weeks unequivocally hardcore, and afterwards not be means to contend that,” a influencer admits. “I felt emotionally outline and was sleepy of being constantly consumed by my physique image.”

About 6 months after college, Dunlop reached her heaviest weight and knew she indispensable to make a change. Yo-yo dieting wasn’t working, and she wanted to rise healthy habits that would unequivocally stick. Consistency became her new goal, and she motionless she’d try to focus on being healthy and feeling good, not indispensably losing weight. 

The switch wasn’t easy. “I got absolved of a scale,” Dunlop says. “As a woman, flourishing adult all we consider about is weight, weight, weight. It took time to get that out of my conduct and concentration on feeling good.” Here, a strategies that helped Dunlop change a approach she suspicion about weight loss—and spin her healthy lifestyle into a career.

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Finding a examination slight she could hang with

Dunlop started signing adult for group aptness classes and fell in adore with a atmosphere. She satisfied she wanted to learn others about health and fitness, so she eventually got approved as a barre and yoga carve instructor. “I felt like when we was teaching, we was my best self,” Dunlop says.

In further to yoga and barre, Dunlop now does more weight training and completes mixed rounds of HIIT and strength workouts any week.

“I try to work out 5 to 6 times a week, customarily 3 of those workouts are strength and conditioning, and dual to three are some form of cardio, like HIIT or running,” she says.

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Switching to a offset diet

Being a personal tutor helped Dunlop turn some-more prepared about nutrition, and she fast realized why her aged eating habits never seemed to work. “I used to cut out all carbs, though afterwards I’d be a chairman eating sugar-free candy,” she says. 

Dunlop mislaid 45 pounds after she started loading her design with some-more gaunt protein, healthy fats, and uninformed veggies. As a bonus, she also found that some of her hypothyroidism symptoms like headaches and low appetite improved.

Now, she cooking 5 to 6 tiny dishes a day, such as English muffin sandwiches with turkey bacon, egg, avocado, and spinach for breakfast, and spicy sriracha salmon with honeyed potatoes and kale for dinner. Keeping protein-rich snacks on palm (think nuts or turkey jerky) help her keep her appetite adult via a day.

Meal prep is also key, Dunlop tells us. “Even if we usually have one gangling hour on a weekends, I’ll fry some veggies, bake chicken, or make a outrageous collection of these breakfast egg muffins and solidify them,” she says.

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Embracing physique positivity and self-love

While Dunlop has clearly done a vital earthy transformation, she feels like her biggest fulfilment is improving her body design and self-confidence. The key: constantly reminding herself that being clever and feeling good is some-more critical than a series on a scale.

“I indeed weigh more now than when we was during my lowest weight, though we demeanour leaner,” she says. “I always inspire people to take photos and use measurements, since a scale is usually a tiny partial of a picture.”

Looking back, Dunlop says she feels like a opposite chairman from a woman who couldn’t break out of a yo-yo diet cycle and constantly felt insecure.

“It’s an romantic change, a bodies vacillate and that’s normal, though a biggest thing via this mutation has been how we demeanour during myself,” she says. “[I went from being] that chairman who felt broke going to examination classes and [was] constantly questioning, ‘Should we wear this, can we wear this?’ And now I’m like, ‘Yes!’

And not usually since of my size—a lot of that comes from strength and creation those healthy decisions and meaningful that all you’re doing is bettering so many tools of your life.”