We Tried It: A 20-Minute Electric Muscle Stimulation Class That Claims to Burn 500 Calories

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What It Is: Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Who Tried It: Grace Gavilanes, PEOPLE.com associate editor

Level of Difficulty: 7/10

On a Thursday afternoon, we done my approach to Midtown Manhattan’s Core Club — a heart for CEOs and celebrities (and other people who can means a club’s $50,000 arising fee) — where aptness guru Mo Elzomor works as a personal trainer. Elzomor boasts an considerable credentials in weight lifting and cardio, though has recently set his sights on a advantages of Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). we was fervent to see what all a hype is about.

The EMS service, that is used in earthy therapy, contracts muscles regulating electrodes — an critical gob of information that disturbed me during first, deliberation that I’d be doing planks, lunges and squats while connected to one of dual EMS machines during a Core Club. The event lasts 20 mins and claims to bake adult to 500 calories, and it’s so heated that doing any some-more than dual sessions per week is not recommended.

I was prepared to channel Elzomor’s star clients, Alessandra Ambrosio and Real Housewives of New York City‘s Luann de Lesseps, among others, so we took a low exhale and watched Elzomor mist a water-based resolution onto a vest and thick bands — both of that came versed with electrodes. we slipped into a vest and strapped a bands around my arms, thighs and butt. Could we get electrocuted? we immediately thought. My regard was one Elzomor has listened before: “You won’t get shocked,” he positive me.

It was such a pleasure operative with Alessandra Ambrosio – a many chill and down to earth supermodel we know 😉. Let’s see how bruise we get @alessandraambrosio 😜 #VictoriasSecretAngel #My30Minutes 💪🏼⚡️ #EMSWORKOUT #IfYoureNotDoingThis,You’reMissingOut @fitlifebymo Thanks for a intro!!! @hairbypucciarello 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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“Doing one dumbbell twist contracts one flesh during a time,” Elzomor told me as he forked to his bicep, intuiting my fear and skepticism. “But this appurtenance does 85 flesh contractions during once.”

I was intrigued, not meaningful how we would conflict to this new aptness trend. Once we was prepared to start a 20-minute workout, Elzomor incited a dial on a machine. we didn’t feel anything during first, that he pronounced was normal given he wanted me to get accustomed to a knowledge before bringing it adult a notch. After completing a few seconds value of curls, crunches, planks, lunges and squats (each!), Elzomor gradually increasing a intensity, that left me … laughing.

I couldn’t stop giggling! The prodigy was literally electrifying. Yes, it was formidable to quietly follow by with moves while your muscles are constrictive 85 times per second, though my physique has never, ever felt like a phone on quiver before, generally during a aptness class. And it turns out, all a delight isn’t odd to Elzomor, who witnesses a accurate same greeting in all his first-time clients.

Who knew electric flesh kick could make squats, lunges, and planks so fun (and difficult)? Got to discuss and work out with celeb tutor @fitlifebymo for @people, and I’m already looking brazen to saying a results! 💪🏻🤗😎

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As for how we felt after a workout? we was winded immediately after completing a reps, though a genuine tenderness came a subsequent day after we landed in Mexico for a week-long vacation. we walked like a steep for my initial dual days in Mexico City as a tenderness crept adult and eventually took over my glutes, biceps, thighs and abs. we was a fan.

I immediately texted Elzomor with a good news, and like any good trainer, he couldn’t be happier for me (and my bruise bum).

Verdict: If we was means to lot out a additional $145 for another session, we would really be renting spots any week. But Elzomor says he hopes to move his EMS machines to a ubiquitous open in a nearby future. I’ll be impatiently practicing my squats and lunges until then.