Try this Reputation-themed Workout in Honor of Taylor Swift’s New Album

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Oooh, demeanour what she done we do!

Taylor Swift‘s new album Reputation came out on Friday and to celebrate, Reebok put together a elementary workout that we can do during home while listening to Swift sing about ex-boyfriends, rivalries and all of her wildest dreams. Just follow along with a moves in a GIFs below.

The usually doubt left is, are we prepared for it?

Every time an ex‐boyfriend is mentioned do 10 high knees.

High Knees: Start by using in place bringing your knees adult tighten to your chest, one during a time. Try to pierce as quick as possible.

Every time she references “playing games” or being feign do 3 burst squats

Jump Squats: Start with your feet right underneath your hips. Keeping your chest up, dump into a hunker and afterwards burst adult as high as we can. Lower right behind down into your hunker as we come down. Make certain your hips mangle parallel!

Every time she talks about dreams or fantasies do a 5 towering climbers

Mountain Climbers: From your high lumber position, run any leg toward your chest. The pivotal to removing a many out of towering climbers is to keep your hips down and shoulders built right over your wrists.

Every time we hear her sing a word “love” or “baby” do 3 burpees

Burpees: Bend over fixation your hands on a building in front of you. Jump both feet behind while dropping your chest to a ground. Then, burst both feet behind adult towards your hands, explosively jumping adult with your hands overhead, entirely fluctuating your hips.

Every time her repute is mentioned do 3 skaters

Skaters: Jump laterally to your left, alighting on your left foot. Bring your right leg behind your ankle, gripping it off a ground. Reach your right palm toward your left feet and stay low. Reverse this transformation to your right and repeat.

Every time she talks instead of sings do tuck jumps until she stops

Tuck Jumps: Stand with both feet together. Jump adult as high as probable bringing your knees adult by your chest. Make certain to land with your knees focussed so you’re prepared for a subsequent jump!