This Mom Ditched Her Emotional Eating Habit and Lost More Than 300 Lbs.

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At roughly 500 lbs., Michelle Ball was an romantic eater.

After marrying her high propagandize swain during 21, she fast gave birth to dual children 20 months apart, and gradually, Ball says, “let [herself] go.”

“When we got married we was a tiny smaller than we am now,” Ball — who now weighs 180 lbs. after undergoing an incredible physique transformation — tells PEOPLE. “My father during a time was in medical propagandize and residency and we had tiny children. It was unequivocally stressful for both of us. we dealt with it by putting their needs before my own.”

She continues: “For each tension we had during that time, food was my drug of choice. we kind of impassive myself that approach and reached for food for sadness, stress, depression, anxiety, happiness; we distinguished with food.”

After a “never-ending cycle” of yo-yo dieting, a self-described “closet eater” says she knew she indispensable to change. “I would do a lot of night snacking and snacking during a day,” says Ball.

“I remember looking during a scale during 497 lbs. and freaking out. we could not trust how complicated we was,” says a stay-at-home mom. “I thought, I have to take control of this since no one is going to do it for me.”

At a finish of 2013, Ball, 37, review a book called Intuitive Eating, and schooled about eating mindfully.

“I started unequivocally thinking: ‘Why am we eating so much? Why can’t we remove this weight? This is absurd – I’m a clever person, I’m educated, I’ve achieved a lot in my life. we [was] athletic. we was not fat when we got married. we should be means to overcome this,’” says Ball.  “[So] each time we went to squeeze food or a splash that had a calorie in it, we suspicion to myself: Am we honestly inspired or thirsty? Do we need this or am we reaching for it out of robe or to fill some void?”

The Joplin, Missouri proprietor cut approach behind on portions, though still authorised her favorite foods. “I knew revelation myself we could not have certain things did not work for me. If we told me we couldn’t have carbs, all we wanted was carbs.” she says. “Honestly, I’ve mislaid all this weight eating what we want. we still eat pizza, we still eat Chinese food. we have not limited myself, though we eat usually when I’m honestly inspired and we stop when I’m satisfied, not stuffed…that had not been a feeling we was informed with for about 15 years.”

Once on her new eating plan, she motionless to start walking around her neighborhood. At a time, a former high propagandize curtain could hardly make it around a block.

“The initial 100 to 150 lbs. happened so quickly. we consider it all kind of clicked and my physique was like, ‘Okay. You’re eating approach reduction and you’re exercising.’ The fat was only melting off.”

“It solemnly morphed — over several years — into me walking, afterwards jogging, afterwards running, afterwards using 5Ks, and afterwards going to CrossFit with my sister, afterwards using a Spartan Race,” says Ball who is now into heavy lifting and works out 6 days a week.

By Aug 2016, Ball had mislaid 317 lbs. and strike her idea weight. Her personal life also altered utterly a bit. She had gotten divorced, afterwards engaged  — and had given birth to her third child.

“I unequivocally adore my physique since it’s taken me so prolonged to get here and I’ve worked so, so, so tough and we still have to work tough and we will always have to work tough to not benefit a weight back,” she says. “I wish [my story] helps others who are destroyed and do not know where to start.”