Inside One of Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Watts’ Favorite Workouts: Burn 60

The signature workout combines treadmill cardio with circuit training.

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In between filming cinema like A Wrinkle in Time that take her all over a world, Reese Witherspoon is a unchanging at Burn 60 aptness studio.

The bustling star — plus other celeb fans like Naomi Watts — joins a organisation classes at a Brentwood, California gym as mostly as probable for their signature workout, that combines treadmill cardio with circuit training.

“It’s a intelligent approach to get a many crash out of your sire if we have singular time, since we spend half of your time doing strength training work with insurgency bands and dumbbells and barbells and physique weight, and half of a time on a treadmill removing your cardio in,” tutor Keith Anthony tells PEOPLE. “So it’s unequivocally for a bustling veteran or bustling mom perplexing to fist a examination in.”

Some Burn 60 classes are mostly using — ideal for fans of a competition like Witherspoon, who’s mostly speckled on a run by her home — while others incorporate some-more of Anthony’s favorite circuit movements.

“I LOVE a retreat thrust with a dumbell, since it targets a glutes so good and gives we a good widen in a hip flexors. That’s one of my go-to strength movements,” he says. “I also adore combo movements for a arms like a bicep twist to a shoulder lift to an beyond press to a tricep kickback. Your arms only get smoked.”

One thing that Anthony, who has been during Burn 60 for over a decade, is quite unapproachable of is how good he can figure a workouts to his clients.

“Everyone who comes in a doorway we know since they’ve been entrance for such a prolonged time,” he says. “I know what their aptness goals are and their injuries and their bodies. It’s a organisation aptness workout, though we can unequivocally tailor it to any person.”

But since it is a organisation class, Anthony creates certain that everybody is hold to a same customary — and a celebs do not get any special treatment.

“I don’t tailor a examination to any of a celebrities in a room. The examination is tailored to whoever is in a room that day,” he says. “The transformation that’s best for a famous people are a movements that are best for a moms who are bankers and landscapers and full-time moms. It’s a same movements. There’s no tip sauce.”

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