The Secret to J.Lo’s Incredible Abs, According to Her Trainer

Want abs like Jennifer Lopez? This elementary at-home pierce can assistance we get them.

Jenny from a retard has her abs on lock. And there isn’t a stand tip or cutout dress that doesn’t know it.

One pivotal to a 48-year-old entertainer’s chiseled middle: side-plank ambiguous crunches, says her tutor David Kirsch. “It’s ideal for when we need to concentration on moulding and toning not usually a obliques though a whole core,” he says.


How to Do Side-Plank Oblique Crunches

Start in side plank, with legs extended and feet and hips stacked; rest left forearm on building underneath shoulder. Place right palm easily behind conduct (A). Rotating torso, move right bend in toward swell (B); lapse to start. Do 15 reps per side 3 times a week to start saying toned abs in 2 weeks.

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