Miss Egypt Was Bullied as a Teen for Weighing 220 Lbs.: ‘I’ve Learned How to Love Myself’

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On Sunday, Miss Egypt Farah Sedky could be crowned Miss Universe — though only a few years ago, she was deliberate “morbidly obese” during 220 lbs. and getting rigourously bullied by her classmates.

The manifestation carefree and new college connoisseur says that a other students during her all-girls high propagandize would constantly taunt her.

“Growing adult in an all-girls propagandize wasn’t a easiest. we was brutally bullied and to a indicate that we was once beaten by one of my peers,” Sedky, 23, tells PEOPLE. “To this day, we still remember her looking down during me on a belligerent and saying, ‘I’d adore to arise adult tomorrow and not see we during school, no one will skip we if you’ll be left forever.’ ”

She strike 220 lbs. by age 15, and her alloy pronounced that she would be diabetic in a subsequent 6 months if she didn’t change her habits.

“This was a initial time that we saw my father cry, that encouraged me to remove a weight and start to say a healthy lifestyle,” Sedky says.

At initial Sedky, who now lives in Cairo, struggled with eating well, though she was dynamic to make a change.

“What clicked with me on an romantic turn to start my tour was a fact that we knew we wasn’t vital adult to my full potential,” she says. “Also saying how unhappy my father was pushed me to make these changes.”

Sedky schooled to cut her apportionment sizes, extent carbs after 7 p.m. and supplement lots of lemon to her meals.

“[Lemon] is so critical Queen B [Beyoncé] done an whole manuscript about it,” she jokes. “I like yogurt with half a lemon and cinnamon, and lemon with prohibited H2O in a morning helps with your digestive complement going.”

Along with daily examination classes, Sedky mislaid roughly 80 lbs. and altered her whole outlook.

“I’ve schooled how to adore myself, that was a hardest thing we had to learn,” she says. “I wish to be a purpose indication for small girls, only as we indispensable to have during their age. we wish them to know that zero is their fault; hurdles will pass and they’ll go on with their lives to turn successful individuals. They pivotal is to learn to adore and accept themselves.”

That self-satisfaction and physique positivity is what pushed Sedky to compete for Miss Universe. Though she mislaid weight for her health, she sees a bullying she faced as a outcome of impractical standards of beauty.

“I truly trust it’s time to uncover women that they should appreciate, accept and adore their bodies a approach they are,” she says. “It’s about time that we all come together not only for women though also for children, to make certain they grow adult in a healthy sourroundings where they won’t feel pressured to concentration on wise in, and wise a certain notice on beauty. Instead, they will grow to concentration on developing their aspirations.”

The Miss Universe pageant will atmosphere live on Sunday, Nov. 26 on FOX during 7 p.m. EST.