How This Woman Has Maintained Her 125 Lbs. Weight Loss for Over 7 Years

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Samantha Call’s weight detriment journey began as a outcome of a comfortless loss.

Call – who pronounced she was “always a vast girl” flourishing adult and reached 265 lbs. by her comparison year of high propagandize – mislaid her father to heart illness in 2008. Her dad, who had struggled with obesity, was only 48-years-old.

“I’ll never forget sitting with my [12-year-old] hermit after my father had passed, when he told me ‘Samantha, we don’t wish we to die like daddy did,’ Call, now 33, told PEOPLE.  “That pennyless my heart though gave me a expostulate that we indispensable to start my journey.”

First, a Callis, Maine proprietor consulted with her doctor. “My blood vigour was by a roof,” says Call. “I had wanted to get gastric bypass [surgery] since we felt like we had unsuccessful so many times on diets. we couldn’t hang with it. But, my alloy pushed me to remove a weight for myself and on my own. It illuminated a glow underneath me.”

In early 2009, Call found success with Atkins. And after a year and a half got down to 132 lbs. Call has confirmed her weight loss for about 7 years.

“I’ve always been someone who desired bacon and desired eggs, that was easy to me,” Call pronounced of her new low carb program. “How many diets can we do that we get to eat bacon and eggs each morning?”

She also schooled to adore gaunt meats and vegetables, and now enjoys creation her possess healthy meals. “My fiancé is really understanding with what we prepare us for dinner,” she says. “He’s always been a physically fit man so it helps. He’s a outrageous support.”

While losing weight, Call gradually combined in exercise, and now works out for an hour in a morning before work. “It’s partial of my daily routine,” says Call, who switches between aptness DVDs, a Pilates round and at-home gym equipment.  She even ran a half-marathon dual years ago, and hopes to do some-more in a future.

Still on Atkins, she also allows herself a lie day once a week, though doesn’t go overboard. “I have my mind fixated on one thing that I’m going to have,” she says. For example, instead of a 3 vast plates of fried, carb-heavy food she used to get a Chinese buffet, Call now has a tiny image and maybe half an egg roll. “It’s all about apportionment control.”

Another vast change? Her confidence. Call, who was married once before, felt worried wearing her marriage dress during her prior size.

“I demeanour during those photos and it was unflattering,” she says. “I’m vehement for a fact that I’ll be means to collect out a pleasing dress and feel good about myself since we was really mortified about myself a initial time around. I’m happy that I’ll demeanour and feel good.”