How One Amazing Dad’s Tattoo Is Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancers

Josh Marshall got his tattoo to compare his son’s mind medicine scar.

Josh Marshall’s tattoo is going viral for a unequivocally good reason. After shred his conduct in oneness with his 8-year-old son who is undergoing diagnosis for a mind tumor, Marshall got a horseshoe-shaped injure tattooed above his right ear that looks only like a one Gabriel has from surgery. ABC news reports that Marshall pronounced to Gabriel, “If people wish to glance during you, afterwards they can stare during both of us.”

Marshall motionless to shave his conduct during an eventuality put on by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an classification that funds research directed during restorative childhood cancers. These head-shaving events are indeed one of St. Baldrick’s many renouned services, where volunteers chop it all off to lift both recognition and money for kids with cancer.

To celebrate men who trim their heads to support their possess kids, a classification combined a #BestBaldDad Father’s Day contest; and with some-more than 5,000 much-deserved votes, Marshall won initial place this year.

In his print acquiescence (above), a #BestBaldDad leader wrote, “Me and my son during this year’s St. Baldrick’s eventuality in Wichita, Kansas. Got my son’s injure tattooed to assistance his self confidence.”

If you’d like to learn some-more about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, check out their site for information about how we can get involved.