Lena Dunham Loves These 5 All-Natural Beauty Products

Choosing makeup can be flattering daunting when there are so many options out there. Lucky for us, Lena Dunham narrowed the search when she shared a pic on Instagram of some of a products she uses to get into impression as Hannah on a set of Girls.

Since final season, Lena has schooled a lot about what should and shouldn’t go on her face so Hannah’s makeup is going clean, meant immature #nevertoolatetochange #oldhannahnewtricks #crueltyfreeduh

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“Since final season, Lena has schooled a lot about what should and shouldn’t go on her face so Hannah’s makeup is going clean, meant green,” she wrote in a caption. Below, we picked a favorite goodies from a natural, cruelty-free lines Dunham trusts.

For transparent skin

The basement of any skincare or makeup slight is a plain cleanser, one that whisks divided mud and impurities while moisturizing is a skin win. The Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser ($16; madhippie.com) does both in a peaceful way. The tawny coherence glides on like a dream and has antibacterial properties interjection to sesame oil (who knew?). The organic macadamia and jojoba oils along with orchid remove boost skin’s protecting separator and moisturize for hydrated skin that looks purify and glowy.

Photo: madhippie.com

For a discerning skin fix

Midday skin can simulate how sleepy and maybe droughty we are. Enter a face mist, to feign hydration and move skin behind to life until we can rehydrate sufficient with H2O. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist ($22; juicebeauty.com) now refreshes your mettle with antioxidant-rich grapeseed and relaxing ylang ylang and rosehip. But it’s a organic aloe that restores hydration and helps hang onto dampness via a day.

Photo: juicebeauty.com

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For brighter eyes

It’s protected to contend that Hannah’s life is reduction pell-mell than Dunham’s. But since the dual share the same skin, Mad Hippie Eye Cream ($25; madhippie.com) creates a lot of sense. A few of a energy actor ingredients: Eyeliss, a triple peptide regulation that packs a punch opposite dim circles while enlivening trust and dwindling swelling; Matrixyl 3000, a fold warrior and collagen upholder that reduces wrinkles;Vitamin C, to assistance hit out discoloration; and Argan Oil to keep a underneath eye moisturized, that is pivotal for plumping excellent lines to forestall mid-day crepiness.

Photo: madhippie.com

For a eager complexion

Before we strech for a foundation, request a bottom that evens out your mettle and works double avocation as skincare, too. Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer ($36; juicebeauty.com) nourishes skin with coconut alkanes, that also assistance control oil. The hyaluronic acid, subsequent from vegetables, plumps skin to lessen a coming of excellent lines and wrinkles, so that when we do request your subsequent product, you’ll be doing so on a some-more polished canvas.

Photo: juicebeauty.com

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For younger-looking skin

Dunham plays a twenty-something on HBO, though who wouldn’t advantage from looking some-more youthful. Juice Beauty Flawless Serum Foundation ($46; juicebeauty.com) is formulated with fruit branch sells such as grape buds, apple buds, and lemon bark, along with Vitamins C and E for insurance opposite giveaway radicals, that can minister to older-looking skin. It comes in 10 shades to fit a series of skin tones and is matched for women of all ages and skin types. Build adult your coverage as indispensable but saying product cake and settle into excellent lines. The coherence is light and ethereal so that we can mix and wear all day long.

Photo: juicebeauty.com