5 Yoga Moves to Relieve Holiday Stress

The fix: Eagle Pose

Why it helps: So many things are job for your courtesy right now (family! work! a singular online sale!) that your mind is in overdrive. Eagle helps build thoroughness as we hang yourself into a poise and concentration on gripping your balance. You’ll also widen your top behind and shoulders, relieving tragedy while strengthening your legs and butt.

How-to: Stand high with arms during sides. Bend knees, change on right foot, afterwards cranky left thigh over right, possibly resting left toes on a oor or hooking them around a behind of right calf. Extend arms in front of we and move right arm underneath left elbow, dire palms together or as tighten as possible; lift arms, gripping shoulder blades pulpy down. Hold, afterwards remove a position and repeat on a other side.