This Woman Lost 77 Lbs. in a Year By Cooking With an Instant Pot Every Night

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An Instant Pot was this woman’s one approach sheet to weight loss.

At a start of this year, weighing 212 lbs., Brittany Williams motionless to take control of her health by severe herself to make cooking each night, she tells PEOPLE. The mom of 3 got her father concerned by carrying him determine to not move takeout home for a generation of a year, and instead she motionless to bust out a Instant Pot that had been fibbing around her residence mostly untouched. She’s now down 77 lbs. given Jan 3 and 125 lbs. in total.

“I’ve had a Instant Pot for 4 years yet we didn’t use it many and when we did it was for comfort dishes like mac and cheese, ribs and cheesecake,” Williams, 27, says. “Starting in Jan we began regulating a Instant Pot each day—sometimes several times a day, 5 to 6 nights a week for cooking and several mornings for breakfast. we even use it to comfortable leftovers instead of my microwave.”

The blogger behind Instant Loss says a trendy, easy-to-use appliance that works as a pressure cooker, delayed cooker, and rice cooker has done “making healthy food available and authorised me to attain where I’ve unsuccessful many times before.”

I stopped shopping jeans when we strike a distance 20. On a left I’m wearing a distance 18 (211 lbs on my honeymoon). It was tough to see a series go up, something we unequivocally struggled with. we stopped shopping garments since we didn’t wish to have to keep shopping bigger sizes. we lived in sweats and pajamas. But ya’ll, we unequivocally wish we would have usually bought a bigger sizes. There’s a certain kind of certainty that garments can bring, it doesn’t matter what distance we are. A good span of jeans is still a good span of jeans. #bodypositive #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #bodytransformation #buildyourselfup #whitehouseblackmarket #instantloss #100lbclub

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Dropping a weight wasn’t all interjection to a lift of a symbol though. Williams overhauled her diet to counterpart something identical to paleo, avoiding many grains, dairy and sugar. “It’s simple. If it comes from a earth and is unprocessed, we eat it,” she writes on her blog. She loads adult on vegetables and boundary her fruit to equivocate healthy occurring sugars. 

“Eggs, meat, choice flours (coconut, almond, and cassava), oils (coconut, avocado, and olive), nuts, seeds, and dim chocolate are some other examples of what we eat,” she says.

Williams is constantly pity Instant Pot recipes—like dairy-free creamed corn and chickpea tacos—that not usually belong to her diet yet many importantly, save time.

“There are nights we don’t start cooking cooking compartment 6pm since we remove lane of time or we don’t get home compartment late, nights that we used to lift out of a solidified pizza or have my father squeeze cooking on his approach home from work,” she writes. “My Instant Pot has separated those nights. we can chuck a few things in a pot and have cooking on a list in underneath a half hour.”