The Best Chair Yoga Moves to Combat Back Pain

“Oh, my painful back!” we can’t tell we how many of my students have behind issues. And it’s no wonder, deliberation many of us spend a days tied to a table chairs and parked in a same position in front of a screens hour after hour. The problem: Sitting for enlarged durations can means or intensify back issues. When we’re stranded in this position, a hip flexors digest in front and lift on a reduce back. Not to mention, consistent slouching can lead, over time, to dense disks. That’s because it’s essential to widen your behind each day. Here, 4 moves we can do right in your office.

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1. Backbend Arch

Start seated during corner of chair, fixation hands behind we with fingers confronting divided from hips. Prop yourself adult on fingertips, sketch sacrum in and adult to lift reduce back. Follow backbend all a approach adult chest to shoulder blades and open adult whole front body. Hold and breathe for 8 to 10 breaths, afterwards release.

2. Cat/Cow

Sit during corner of chair with feet prosaic on a floor. Place hands on knees and inhale, lifting chest and adhering hips out behind you. Lift gaze, open chest, and kindly fist shoulder blades together (A). On an exhale, turn chest, dip in belly, and twist tailbone underneath as we dump conduct toward sternum (B). Repeat for a array of 10 cycles.

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3. Lower-Back Circles

Sit with feet hip-width detached and hands resting on knees (A). Inhale, afterwards start encircling torso clockwise, creation certain to trigger transformation from bottom of spine (B). Complete 8 to 10 rotations. Stop and afterwards repeat a motion, this time encircling in a counterclockwise direction. Continue swapping for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Roll-Downs

Sit with feet hip-width detached and hands unresolved during sides (A). From head, start rounding down by spine (B). Exhale, vouchsafing front recover brazen and a weight of your conduct move we over until tip of conduct is by thighs (C). Inhale; solemnly start stacking vertebrae as we turn adult to sit. Draw swell symbol to spine to strengthen back, and feel a accent as we turn up. Continue rolling down and adult for 5 to 8 cycles.


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Adapted from Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch, and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You by Kristin McGee ($19; Copyright 2017 by Kristin McGee. Reprinted by accede of William Morrow, an impress of HarperCollins Publishers.