This Viral Video Shows a Most Bizarre-Looking Leg Cramp We’ve Ever Seen

A video of what is quite presumably a many painful-looking leg cramp ever has left viral. The 50-second clip, posted Monday by Angel Bermudez on Facebook, has racked adult 16 million views and some-more than 177,000 shares.

“After a workout. Start to relax and afterwards this happens. Painful approbation it was,” Bermudez wrote in a caption. The footage shows a muscles of his calf constrictive and squirming, roughly as if something were inside his leg, right underneath a skin.

Take a look, if we dare. (Warning: There’s some NSFW denunciation in a caption.)

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“This is what a cramp looks like,” we can hear Bermudez observant between grunts and groans, clearly in poignant discomfort.

Plenty of commenters said they found a alien-like suit of Bermudez’s cramp flat-out disturbing. But others had clearly been by identical pain, and were discerning to offer advice: mount adult and walk, stretch, eat a banana, splash some-more water.

Although we don’t usually suggest following health recommendation from strangers on Facebook, in this instance, they’re on to something. Those solutions competence indeed help.

Leg cramps are remarkable and contingent flesh contractions, and—even yet they can harm like heck—they’re customarily harmless. Leg cramps are suspicion to be caused by some kind of exasperation or activation of nerves that tell a muscles to contract, and stay that way.

The irritation can be brought on by a operation of things, from dehydration to a mineral deficiency, or even pregnancy. Ramping adult your examination power too quickly, or over-training sleepy muscles can also lead to cramping. (For some-more on a probable triggers, check out “13 Causes of Leg Cramps—And How to Stop Them.”)

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You can customarily cure a cramp (especially one that comes adult fast after a workout) by hydrating with water, replacing electrolytes and minerals mislaid by sweat, and peaceful stretching. But check with a alloy if we have visit leg cramps that don’t seem to be associated to earthy activity or your diet. Some underlying health conditions, like peripheral arterial disease and multiple sclerosis, can also means leg cramps.