The 20 Best Cassey Ho Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Social media aptness prodigy Cassey Ho has all a right moves to stay toned and strong–her 3.9 million YouTube subscribers are proof. The 30-year-old Blogilates founder, POP Pilates creator, and Health cover indication told us it’s critical to find an practice slight that we love so it will be easier to strech your aptness goals. “When we arise adult and we can't wait to get going, that is a examination for you,” Ho said. “You’ll hang to it, it won’t feel like a chore, and afterwards all else will tumble into place.”

Well, demeanour no serve since we’ve dull adult 20 of Ho’s go-to POP Pilates moves. Follow along as she takes we step by step by her favorite exercises that measure her those torpedo abs, tangible arms, and clever legs. Mix and compare to emanate a ideal full-body examination slight we can do anywhere.

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