I Tested 10 Pairs of Leggings and These Are a Ones That Barely Show Crotch Sweat

I have a confession: we am a complicated sweater. Seriously. we literally sweat buckets during my workouts. There isn’t a time when we don’t emerge from a run or an practice category totally drenched—even after yoga. And that’s not indispensably a problem, solely for one revealing pointer that indicates I’ve been kicking boundary in a gym: my arm persperate prominently displayed on a front of my examination pants. It. drives. me. crazy.

But it’s also totally normal. “Your body’s feverishness zones are in a case area, from your shoulders to a mid-thighs,” explains Michele Olson, PhD, a highbrow of practice physiology during Auburn University in Alabama. “Your body’s viscera are in that area and they are operative like crazy when we exercise—the metabolism of your heart, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands—it’s like it’s on diverge speed, so we amass a lot of persperate in that area, that includes your crotch.”

And distinct your armpits, that accept some drying atmosphere as you lift and reduce them, your thighs sojourn comparatively tighten together, creation it harder for persperate there to evaporate, records Olson. Basically, it’s something we only have to understanding with. So I set out to find a span of examination leggings—that weren’t simple black!—that would help camouflage down-there sweat.

I sweat-tested a garland of bottoms (I’ll gangling we a sweaty photos on my phone). And while nothing of a ones we attempted totally hid sweat, dual did mount out from a pack—and they both occur to be navy.

Adidas Climaheat Seamless Tight Sweat Winter Leggings Exercise

My pick: Adidas Climaheat Seamless Tights ($80; macys.com or dickssportinggoods.com)

I wore these on a five-mile outside run, so we was super astounded during how small persperate there was in a arm area when we stopped to stretch. And to be honest, we didn’t unequivocally notice a persperate symbol until we snapped a close-up picture. This span is also accessible in simple black.


Call Women's Warm Novelty Leggings Winter Exercise Sweat

My pick: Calia Women’s Warm Novelty Leggings ($65; dickssportinggoods.com)

I sported this pair, that also comes in a stylish plum color, for a HITT examination (think step-ups, hunker hops, burpees). While H2O was drizzling from my limbs, a front of my pants (at slightest visually) stayed comparatively dry. Also handy: a dark hip slot that is ideally sized for keys and some cash.

That said, as ungainly as it might be, I probably should learn to only welcome a arm sweat. After all, it’s kind of a examination badge of honor, am we right?