Nike Just Announced Their New Running Shoe—and we Got to Test It Out

When it comes to next-level sneakers, Nike always seems to be on a slicing edge, and now is no exception. The jaunty code usually announced a latest development, a new Nike Epic React Flyknit ($150), a using shoe that saw 17,000 miles of testing.

The result: a curtain that is lightweight, durable, soft, and provides appetite return.  According to a press group over during Nike, “It’s ideal for stretch workouts, liberation runs, and course runs. It will be quite appreciated by a bland curtain who wants their run to feel some-more enjoyable.” Basically, if we have a feet and we adore to run, this shoe will put a grin on your face.

Unfortunately, we won’t be means to get your hands on a Nike Epic React Flyknit until Feb 22 (I know, we know); however, we scored a span brazen of a recover date and have literally finished some of a legwork for you.

My initial confront with a Nike Epic React Flyknit was in early Nov 2017—for about 10 minutes. As Nike employees watched, we stepped onto a treadmill in a brand’s NYC domicile and ran for a small over a mile. Afterward, we typed a note on my phone that pronounced “Light. Nice feel. we like. Familiar.” So these 6 difference were literally my initial greeting to this new silhouette.

Fast brazen dual months, when we got my really possess span of a new Nike using shoes, and was means to spend some some-more time and miles in them—both on a treadmill and around a using trails of Central Park. Now my opinion is a bit some-more informed. Here are my thoughts:

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The look

They are neat and streamlined, yet still demeanour cold enough to spin heads. we find it a small uncanny that a midsole extends over a heel—but we usually notice that when we am sitting with my legs crossed. On a personal note, we cite a navy colorway to a white.

The feel

They are super comfy yet being overly soft. Stepping into them is like pulling on your favorite span of slippers. The weaving of a Flyknit tip feels tighter and sturdier than other Nike models I’ve worn, yet still has adequate give so that your feet won’t feel restricted. The figure and cut of a collar of a shoe disturbed me during first, since we suspicion we competence knowledge rubbing, that would led me to retire these babies early. Luckily, there was no rubbing. In fact, it kind of usually felt like we was wearing a low-cut sock.

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The details

There are perforations along a front tip apportionment of a shoe, creation it super breathable. The heat during my outward runs has hovered around a low 40s, and my feet were never freezing, so I’d contend that they are suitable for cold days. That brawny midsole, that is done of a new Nike-only exclusive record React Foam, is what all a hoopla over this new recover is about. 

This foam, that took some-more than 400 combinations of chemistry and estimate to develop, is what creates we feel lighter and honestly faster on your feet. Also, a midsole and outsole are kind of one in a same here. The usually specifying factor, in my opinion, are a pieces of transparent rubber that are merged to a paw and heel that supplement much-needed traction and make a shoe some-more durable.

The bottom line

I would be lingering if we didn’t note that this shoe reminds me of both a Brooks Levitate and a Adidas Ultra Boost  using shoes, dual runners that are now in complicated revolution for me. The Nike Epic React Flyknit feels noticeably lighter on my feet than these other dual styles though, that is a large offered indicate for me. But, it isn’t as stretch and manageable as a Brooks Levitate, nor is it as most of a lifestyle crossover flog as a Adidas Ultra Boost. 

That said, we consider a Nike Epic React Flyknit is a good plain further to a using space, and we am looking brazen to stability to bruise a cement in them over a subsequent integrate of months.