Wisc. Mom Allegedly Refused an Operation on Teen Daughter Who Died From Brain Infection

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A 37-year-old Milwaukee lady allegedly denied her malnourished 14-year-old daughter medical diagnosis for a mind infection she would die from a week later, mixed outlets report.

Aziyza Ababneh has been charged with neglecting a child causing death, according to WKOW.

Daughter Amina Krouser died Dec. 10, 2017 from untreated Lemierre’s Syndrome, a potentially lethal throat infection that widespread to her brain. She died one week after her mom allegedly refused to give doctors accede to perform life-saving surgery on a 14-year-old to provide a infection, a Associated Press reports.

Medical examiners have ruled her genocide a homicide.

Ababneh was arrested on Friday, a hire reports, and has not seemed before a decider to beg to a charge.

PEOPLE was incompetent to immediately establish if she has a counsel who could criticism on her behalf. She faces 20 years if convicted. She stays in custody, though her bail volume was not immediately clear.

After she was sensitive Amina would die but a operation, Ababneh allegedly told doctors, “I’ve already mislaid her.”

WISN claims that the teen’s siblings allegedly told investigators Amina was removing worse by a day before her death. She was urinating in a bed and had problem walking and talking, reports a news station.

Ababneh was allegedly indignant a lady was not improving and began violence her with belts, a paddle and a  siren with channel fasten wrapped on one end, WISN reports.

Additionally, Ababneh’s home allegedly had no feverishness or using water, and smelled of cat urine and tellurian feces, according to WISN, that performed a duplicate of a rapist complaint.

There was also a “compost toilet,” that investigators allegedly described as a 5-gallon cosmetic bucket a children used as a restroom.

WISN also reports that the children were malnourished, mostly eating baby food for meals.