Fitness Instagrammer Jen Selter Kicked off American Airlines Flight for Standing Up During Delay

Fitness Instagrammer Jen Selter says she was kicked off an American Airlines moody for station adult while a craft was on a belligerent during a two-hour delay.

The indication who popularized a “belfie” pronounced she was station adult to widen her legs during a behind moody from Miami to New York on Saturday while other passengers were regulating a bathroom. A masculine moody attendant afterwards approached and reprimanded her for removing out of her seat. Selter, 24, documented a occurrence in several Twitter videos.

“I was standing, putting my coupler up,” she explained to a commander who came by to speak to her in a initial video. “Clearly we’re all irritable, we’ve been sitting here for dual hours.”

A second moody attendant afterwards told a commander that a initial moody attendant asked if Selter would like to get off a plane, and she responded “yes.”

“I was apparently being sarcastic,” Selter said.

Security guards afterwards arrived to remove Selter and her sister from a plane.

“People kept entrance adult to me, and afterwards all of a remarkable 5 masculine officers come adult to me, and it was unequivocally frightening,” she told Good Morning America on Monday.

American Airlines tells PEOPLE in a matter that a occurrence was a outcome of a “disagreement.”

“Ms. Selter was asked to leave a aircraft after a feud occurred Saturday night during Miami International Airport (MIA). American offering her hotel accommodations and transportation, that she declined. She flew on American Sunday morning behind to New York (LGA) – nearing around 8:30 a.m. ET yesterday morning.”

Another newcomer defended Selter, yelling during a initial moody attendant, “You’re badgering her. Why are we being aggressive?”

And an additional newcomer inaugurated to get off a craft with Selter after saying how she was being treated.

“I saw what a man did to your sister, she was only station after dual hours watchful in a airplane, and she was only station since we and a other newcomer went to a bathroom,” a newcomer told Selter’s sister in a video. “And afterwards one of a organisation members, he came and only started cheering during her, badgering her. It was unequivocally bad.”

Selter pronounced she’s pity her story in a hopes that American Airlines reexamines their interactions with their passengers.

“I’m not here perplexing to contend don’t fly American, we consider they only need to make changes within themselves, and they have to provide passengers differently,” she told Good Morning America.