3 Things Julianne Hough Does Every Day to Feel Awesome


Julianne Hough seems to be in a incessant state of happy, and we wish in. So while sifting by her second athleisure collection for MPG Sport, that launches in a Fall (and is super cute!), we got a actress, dancer, and thespian to brief on a few of a things she does daily that make her feel her comprehensive best. One of those things: rocking the convertible sports bra she designed, with a detachable hood. “It totally creates me feel like a badass, like I’m a boxer,” she confesses. And in box we are wondering, yes, a Dancing With a Stars alum does knows how to chuck a punch. Here, 3 more of Hough’s get-energized tips.



Set a positive tinge from a start

It’s mindset first. Wake up, and what is a initial thing we tell yourself? That is your initial key. It starts with a certain faith in your head.

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Gear up for a good day

When we put on something and think, “Oh we feel freaking overwhelming right now. we am only going to kill it today. we am only going to possess a world,” we will. Working out can be a daunting thing, and as prolonged as we feel assured in what we am wearing, we am prepared to work out. If we do yoga, we like plunder shorts and a stand top. If we do dance cardio or cycling, we like to wear prolonged leggings and a shirt. we don’t know why, though it creates a disproportion to me. As an actress, it’s kind of like removing into character; we pierce differently formed on what we wear.

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Be sure to mangle a sweat

A lot of a time we do dance cardio. That creates me feel powerful, sassy, and confident. Then there is yoga, that creates me feel ease and grateful. And certain there are those days when we don’t wish to work out, though my aphorism is: The approach we pierce directly affects a approach that we feel. we know that when we move, either it is walking, removing up, or only hopping around, it’s going to make me vehement and happy and make me feel better. And we know we can give so most some-more to a universe that day if we do something for myself that’s physically active.