This Device Turns Your Planks Into a Video Game–and It’s Actually Fun!

At initial glance, a Stealth Core Trainer competence remind we of a square of examination rigging from a late-night infomercial. (Anyone else remember a Ab Dolly?) But distinct a as-seen-on-TV apparatus now entertainment dirt underneath large beds around a country, a Stealth tool involves an addictive video game that competence only assistance we hang to a unchanging core workout. The device and a app indeed make planks fun.

Stealth Core Trainer

Skeptical? Here’s how it works: The Stealth is like a change board. The height sits on an inconstant base, and we rest your forearms on top, in lumber position. Between your arms, there is a container for your phone.

Once you hit start on a video game, we play by changing your lumber position ever so somewhat to raze colorful targets. Each turn consists of isometric lumber holds, pointed brazen and behind tilts, and twists and dips to work your obliques.

Stealth game

There are dual models, a Personal ($199,, that is a small smaller, a bit cheaper, and meant for at-home use; and the Professional ($299,, that is designed for use in gyms.

Fresh off a new plank challenge of my own, we was psyched when a folks during Stealth offering to send me a tutor to try. It took only a few attempts for me to get a hang of it. we schooled fast that a faster we shifted around in lumber position, a some-more points we could shelve adult in a diversion before my core started tremor and we had to call it quits. Surprisingly, time flew by–and before we knew it, a notation was up. After dual weeks, we could reason a lumber for 90 seconds–and I had scarcely tripled my measure from 41 to 111.

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More than a small competitive, we felt a pang of honour any time I hit a new record time, or a new high score. If we didn’t kick my measure a following day, what was even a indicate of trying?! (Okay maybe I’m too competitive.) But seriously, meaningful we can substantially eke out a few some-more points any day competence be adequate to keep we entrance behind for more, too. 

I done an comment so we could record onto a app and see how my scores compared to other Stealth plankers. we tinkered with a filters on a leaderboard, and found that classification by age, sex, and plcae suggested some considerable stats: Other women my age in a U.S. were racking adult hundreds and hundreds of points; some were holding planks for longer than 5 minutes. With some diligence, we figured we could moment a tip 20–a new rival expostulate to keep me hooked!

But there was one downside we discovered: While apropos hyper-focused on my measure was 100% useful in terms of distracting me from a delayed tick-tock of a clock, we began sacrificing good lumber form to measure additional points in a game. On certain days, my arms and shoulders felt like they got a improved examination than my core–and we knew we indispensable to refocus on winning a diversion from my abs.

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If we have a rival nature, it’s value checking out a Stealth Core Trainer. Yes, it’s pricey (and takes adult a good volume of space), though it competence be a fun further your core slight desperately needs.