This Man’s Breakup Letter to Planet Fitness Is Our New Favorite Way to Cancel a Membership

“I still adore you, though some-more like a crony during this point.”

Ending any critical attribute requires some caring and attention—even if it’s only your attribute with your internal gym.

That’s what Reddit user Mastrrbasser discovered when he attempted to cancel his membership during his area Planet Fitness.

Told he couldn’t cancel over a phone, he typed adult one of a many pretentious dissection letters we’ve ever review and posted it on Reddit underneath a title: “Planet Fitness wouldn’t let me cancel over a phone and compulsory a approved minute to cancel given we live in a opposite state now. we forsaken this in a mail today.”

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The minute is truly a work of art. “It is with low bewail and a complicated heart that we write this letter,” he began. “Certain events in my life have put me in a opposite place, and while it was one of a some-more fatiguing decisions I’ve had to make of late, it is a right one. The purpose of this minute is to finish my attribute with Planet Fitness Orange.”

He explains that he’s changed on—to a new gym in his unit building “with a state-of-the-art whatchamacallit.” Like any classical breakup, he offers his condolences and expresses his slow adoration. “I don’t wish we to be jealous, or to decider me formed on this decision. That’s not a Planet Fitness that we know and love. we still adore you, though some-more like a crony during this point. I’m contemptible things couldn’t have been improved between us.”

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The gym does indeed state flattering clearly on a website that violation up—err, canceling a membership—by phone or email isn’t allowed. “We hatred to see we go! But if we must, a routine is easy,” a website states, nonetheless Mastrrbasser competence desire to differ. “You can fill out a termination form during a front table of your home club, or send a minute (preferably around approved mail) to your bar requesting cancellation. Memberships can’t, unfortunately, be canceled by email or phone.”

No word nonetheless on either or not Mastrrbasser has unfollowed Planet Fitness on Instagram and blocked a texts. But he did rectify one final gem to his letter: “P.S. My mother also needs to cancel her membership.”

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