5 Olympians Share Their Advice for Overcoming Setbacks

Setbacks. We all have them. But how we select to hoop those stumbling blocks is what sets we detached from a pack. If anyone can demonstrate to this, it’s Olympians. After all, they push themselves to a limit day in and day out, only for a event to contest on a world’s stage—and come out on a other side with a good square of glossy bling! Of march things don’t always work out in their favor. Yet they always seem to know how to collect themselves up, and go on to contest another day. So what’s their secret?

Ahead of a 2018 Olympic Games in Peyongchang, South Korea (which we can watch on NBC starting tomorrow) we chatted with 5 athletes to find out. In a video above, past and stream Olympic competitors offer their recommendation on branch setbacks into success.

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Check out a highlights below:

Elena Myers, Bobsled, 2x Olympian

“The biggest thing is realizing that things will mostly not go your way. we only unequivocally demeanour to a people around me. we approximate myself with unequivocally clever people—my husband, my family—and use their strength to assistance me get by everything.”

Lolo Jones, Bobsled/Runner, 3X Olympian

“Just complete grit. we would like to finish what we started. I’m a curtain and so we know we might onslaught in a race, though when we see a finish line we are like, I am dynamic to get to that finish line.”

Oksana Masters, Nordic Skiing/ Cycling/ Rowing, 3X Paralympian

“The approach we understanding with setbacks in a competition would be to start off with a good crater of coffee first, and make that, and make certain we am behind to my happy place. we flower off a word ‘no.’ I’ve been told so many times in my life that we would never walk. we would never be an athlete. we don’t have a right build to be an elite-level athlete. Every time we was told ‘no,’ it was kind of like putting a small timber to a fire, and it was creation that glow brighter and brighter. Finally we was like, I can do it, we am going to infer them wrong.”

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Ashley Wagner, Figure Skater, 2014 Olympian

“Setbacks are inevitable, generally in my sport. Ice is slippery. Life happens. But during a finish of a day, we set a idea for yourself. If we can acknowledge that we are not only going to get there in a day and that it takes baby stairs along a way, that creates it so most some-more manageable.”

Hillary Knight, Ice Hockey, 2x Olympian

“I consider that’s what’s profitable about being a partial of a group sport is that I am means to approximate myself with extraordinary people. And we demeanour for proclivity and impulse all over, in the locker room essentially.”