Mirai Nagasu Makes History as a First American Woman to Land a Triple Axel during a Olympics

All accost Mirai!

During her giveaway movement for a figure skating group eventuality during a 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, Mirai Nagasu finished story when she landed a triple axel, apropos a initial American lady to do so during a Olympics and a third lady to do so in a story of a Winter Games.

Nagasu was a usually skater in a women’s giveaway movement who attempted a formidable jump, that requires a brazen takeoff and three-and-a-half rotations. She’s one of usually 3 American women who have landed a triple axel in competition, a other dual being Tonya Harding and Kimmie Meissner, yet Nagasu is a usually one to have finished it in a Olympics.

As competence be expected, a internet was vivacious when Nagasu finished a triple axel and took to Twitter to share their many emotions about it.

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