This Woman Chose Gastric Bypass and Lost 178 Lbs.: ‘I Wanted to Be Healthy though we Needed Help’

Kathleen Golding’s weight loss struggle started when she was really young.

“I remember being in a fourth class and carrying to get a note from my pediatrician extenuation me accede to start Weight Watchers,” Golding, now 26, tells PEOPLE.

At 21, she found herself wrestling with basin and stress incited to food as a “coping mechanism.” By her 22nd birthday she had gained 100 lbs.

“I was stranded in a consistent cycle of daily binging,” says a New Bern, North Carolina resident, whose top weight was 331 lbs. “I was eating quick food for any dish and huge quantities any time.”

By Aug 2015, she was prepared to start a routine of removing gastric bypass surgery. “The morning [I motionless to do it] I incited down an offer from friends to go to an entertainment park since we knew couldn’t fit in a float seats, and a following Monday we had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to plead diabetes medications,” she recalls.

This initial print was taken 4 months before we had gastric bypass surgery. we remember saying this design on Facebook for a initial time and sobbing. we remember sitting in a room, surrounded by distance 4 bridesmaids, and dreading carrying to put on my distance 28 dress. we remember a bride flitting out monogrammed robes and my distance 3x dress being so unbelievably tiny on me that we couldn’t even fake to get it closed. we hated myself that day. Now, I’m training to demeanour behind during a lady in this print and let her be my proclivity to keep going any day. To keep creation good choices for my body, and my mind, any singular day. Stop watchful and start doing. You merit it. 💕

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Golding had also been laughed during by strangers progressing that day. “They had forked to my legs and we knew since — we had stopped shred my legs since it was formidable to strech my calves, and that was humorous to them.”

In credentials for a surgery, that she underwent in Jun 2016, Golding mislaid 20 lbs. Afterwards, a weight fast started to “melt off,” she says. “I felt this implausible clarity of certainty that we had totally lost about. Even after losing usually 30 lbs., we felt amazing, both about my coming and a approach my physique was means to move.”

Since losing a sum of 178 lbs., Golding maintains a weight of 150 to 155 lbs. — and stays unapproachable of her preference to find medical help. “For some reason, weight detriment surgery is seen as ‘cheating’ or being weak, though for me, we found strength in being means to contend ‘I can’t do this on my own. we wish to be healthy, though we need help.’ ”

She continued:  “For a prolonged time, we felt totally hopeless. we felt trapped in my body, and no matter what we did to try and remove a weight, we failed. we went into this medicine with a genius that this would work for me, and we looked during it as me finally holding behind control of my life.”

Now a fast-food-free Golding — who recently got married — says she “loves salads and colorful dishes.” She also has been “hitting a gym hard.”

Another source of strength comes from amicable media. Golding, a photographer and operations manager, has been vehement about pity her story by photos and videos.

“Between Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, we substantially accept about 25 to 50 messages a day from pointless strangers struggling with their weight and looking for diet and aptness tips, or from people who have been on a blockade about bariatric surgery,” says Golding. “I’ve desirous them to take a subsequent stairs and pierce brazen with a surgery.”

As for how she’s feeling these days, Golding says she is finally during assent with her body. “I have some lax skin and it really has a imperfections, though we worked tough for this body,” she says. “I spent so most time hating it though I’ve satisfied that this is a usually physique I’ve got and I’m going to take caring of it.”