The Sweet Reason a Finnish Snowboarding Coach Was Knitting Mid-Olympics

While a athletes were competing, he was tough during work on something wholly different.

Everyone copes with stress differently—some people strike a gym to blow off steam, others demonstrate themselves creatively. If you’re Finnish snowboarding manager Antti Koskinen, we weave mid-Olympics.

Koskinen has turn Internet famous after photos flush on amicable media of a manager needlework during a tip of a slopes during pivotal snowboarding events during a 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Koskinen’s impulse of hygge atop a towering isn’t a new hobby—he was speckled needlework during a Sochi Olympics behind in 2014, too. Back then, Yahoo Sports remarkable that Koskinen claimed to have “brought out a needlework pack in sequence to keep things light for a athletes before a foe began.” Apparently, Finnish snowboarder Roope Tonteri got a flog out of Koskinen’s knitting, so he was certain to move his needles when it came time for Tonteri to contest in a men’s slopestyle foe this year.

The central Twitter page of a Finnish Olympic group has even joked about Koskinen’s favorite pasttime, quipping, “Oh yes, he is needlework again.” When asked what a coach was making, they suggested a sweetest answer imaginable: Koskinen is tough during work defeat adult a sweeping for a Finnish president’s baby baby. Major “aww” alert.

Koskinen could be onto something here: Repetitive activities like needlework may have health benefits, given they assistance we get out of your conduct and soothe stress. The Olympics are an heated and stressful time for athletes and their coaches, and Koskinen’s hobby is a good sign for everyone to make time for self-care. Especially given in this case, a finish outcome will be a friendly sweeping for one propitious baby!

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