Mirai Nagasu Set a Record Straight About a Alleged "USA Tattoo" on Her Thigh

“That’s great, though is that a gigantic tattoo on your thigh?”

You would consider that when Mirai Nagasu became a initial American womanlike figure skater to land a triple axel during a 2018 Olympic Games, that’s ALL anyone would speak about. Turns out that we can accomplish a attainment of strength during a Olympics and people will still be like, “That’s great, though is that a gigantic tattoo on your thigh?”

During her routine, it seemed as if Mirai had “USA” tattooed down her thigh. While that would have been baller if it was a case, what we saw was only healing tape. In fact, we can even buy your possess Team USA KT Tape like Nagasu’s online, that is meant to soothe pain and yield support to bruise muscles, joints, and tendons.

After Twitter worked itself into a frenzy over conjecture that Nagasu had a hulk thigh tat, Nagasu set a record true by retweeting someone who explained that she’s only wearing tape.

“No, Mirai Nagasu does not have a outrageous tattoo on her middle thigh,” someone wrote on Twitter. “It’s healing tape. Unless…She has a outrageous tattoo of healing fasten on her middle thigh???!!!”

Nagasu had a clarity of amusement about a whole thing and added: “Omg mindblown that I’ve been figured out.”

She also responded “just some tape” to another news about her “tattoo.”

So, contemptible all-of-Twitter, though this…

…is not a badass tattoo we suspicion it was.

On a splendid side, this whole disturbance led us to Nagasu’s Twitter account, where we schooled that she is clearly a lady after the possess hearts.

She’s a Pitch Perfect fan who also wants to accommodate Leslie Jones? Same.

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