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Could a $1,000 UV Lamp Really Stop a Flu?

  Photo: Cynthia Goldsmith | CDC Image source: Researchers might have figured out a new approach to quarrel airborne influenza pathogen and it involves simply branch on a light. During one of a misfortune influenza seasons in years, many people have been perplexing to strengthen themselves by soaking their hands, downing

What Will Your Hospital Look Like in 5 Years?

If we wish to know what hospitals will demeanour like in a nearby future, take a look during UF Health’s recently opened Heart Vascular Hospital and Neuromedicine Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. The use of immature space and vast windows opens these hospitals to a outside, rather than shutting them off like a

Has Obamacare Helped Fuel a Opioid Epidemic?

Is a new news joining Obamacare with a opioid widespread sound science, or only politics as usual? Last month, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin oversaw a cabinet event patrician “Unintended Consequences: Medicaid and a Opioid Epidemic.” Johnson argued that a Medicaid expansion, that took outcome in 2014 by a Affordable Care

So, You Think That Medical Expense Is Covered?

After receiving a array of misdiagnoses, William Townsend was still feeling ill. Finally, during a family visit, he was taken to an puncture room in New Jersey in 2016. “They detected that there was a outrageous volume of liquid collecting around my heart,” Townsend, who owns a comic book store in Schenectady,

Why Obamacare Enrollment May Decline Next Year

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) appears to have survived final year’s rough road, receiving enrollment total tighten to what it had a prior year. However, it’s misleading possibly Obamacare can cruise by this year’s choppy seas and grasp a same turn of enrollment for 2019. Among other things, a particular charge is