Could a $1,000 UV Lamp Really Stop a Flu?

  Photo: Cynthia Goldsmith | CDC Image source: Researchers might have figured out a new approach to quarrel airborne influenza pathogen and it involves simply branch on a light. During one of a misfortune influenza seasons in years, many people have been perplexing to strengthen themselves by soaking their hands, downing

What Will Your Hospital Look Like in 5 Years?

If we wish to know what hospitals will demeanour like in a nearby future, take a look during UF Health’s recently opened Heart Vascular Hospital and Neuromedicine Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. The use of immature space and vast windows opens these hospitals to a outside, rather than shutting them off like a

Has Obamacare Helped Fuel a Opioid Epidemic?

Is a new news joining Obamacare with a opioid widespread sound science, or only politics as usual? Last month, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin oversaw a cabinet event patrician “Unintended Consequences: Medicaid and a Opioid Epidemic.” Johnson argued that a Medicaid expansion, that took outcome in 2014 by a Affordable Care

So, You Think That Medical Expense Is Covered?

After receiving a array of misdiagnoses, William Townsend was still feeling ill. Finally, during a family visit, he was taken to an puncture room in New Jersey in 2016. “They detected that there was a outrageous volume of liquid collecting around my heart,” Townsend, who owns a comic book store in Schenectady,